JAVA Software

ECert: A comprehensive software for testing your Java skills using this evaluator. Feel free to download this software. Source included.

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ChartBean This is a Chart bean. Using ChartBean in your servlets you can generate bar graphs (Vertical or Horizontal) on fly. Can be used only with in servlets with slight modification to bean can be used in any application. This bean requires the GifEncoder in the CLASSPATH. You can download it from the website.
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Drawing Slate This is a Drawing Slate applet. This is developed for KIDS so that they can Learn ALPHABETS and NUMBERS using the Drawing sheet provided left. They can view the relevant alphabet or number and they can draw on the other side the same character by viewing and learning. Have Fun.

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Calendar: This is a Calendar Applet This Calendar Works From 1900-2038 The Calendar consists of a TextField and a Button. You Should enter the MONTH and YEAR only in the format ---mm/yyyy--- format only By Default the Calendar displays the current month's calendar taking from SYSTEM DATE. If You enter the month and year the the calendar displays That year's month calendar
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Photo Album: This is a Photo Album