Miscellaneous Utilities

This section contains mostly reusable Java code which I some times use in my daily development. In order to avoid unnecessary rewriting code I organize these code at one location i.e., here so that I can come pick 'em up when ever I want. With minimum changes anybody can use this code if they found them useful :-).

  1. XMLElementSearch is a reusable XML element search mechanism in an XML document. Works primarily with IBM xml4j. but with little code modification can work with any XML Java Parser.
  2. HTMLParser is simple HTML parser which seperates HTML tags with content.
  3. ServletGenerator is a utility which takes a HTML file as input and generates a template servlet.
  4. PropertyFileReader reads a .property file which is in classpath.
  5. ParseDate parses a date string.
  6. SMTPSender is a simple SMTP mail sending utility program, can be used with any web application (Server side).