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What is your gender?
How old are you?
What is your marital status?
 Single / Never been married
What is your weight?
 81 kgs - 84 kgs  
What is your height?
172 cm (5 ft 8 in)
What is the style of your hair?
 Short straight hair
Do you have eyewear?
What is your annual income?
 None of your business :)
What type of work do you do?
 Sr. Developer ( JAVA )
What are your skills?
 See my Resume.
What is your strength?
What is your Weakness?
 none of your business :-)
Of this list, what is your favorite OUTDOOR activity?
 Travelling, site seeing
Of this list, what is your favorite INDOOR activity?
 1. Programming / 2. Computers / 3. Web surfing / 4. Geeeeeee U all guys know what I mean ;)
What is your favorite type of music?
 Rock, and mostly depending on mood
Have you ever lived or traveled outside your country of residence?
 Well I've moved a lot around US (apart from my own country India)
How would you describe your sense of humor?
Do you drink?
 Socially :) (I like beer, dislike wine, never tried hard stuff, I think i should try them too ;))
Do you smoke?
Do you follow fashion?
 I'm rather fashionable
How much into planning are you?
 I plan everything in advance
You might be best described by others as:
 Intelligent and driven
Your friends would describe your intellect as:
Are you more of a:
 Thinker (competitive, logical, perfectionist)
Where would you prefer to live?
 In a cottage in the forest, when I am 100 years old though :)
Current education level:
 General or honours degree (3-4 year degree)
How do you feel about the accomplishments in your life?
 I still have not done many of the things I really want to do
When going somewhere,
 I am usually on time
Pick a Great Escape:
 One day want to go to Israel.
What do you prefer for your style of dress?
 I dress for the occasion
What is your main source for current events?
What type of food do you enjoy the most?
 Indian, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Chinese,
What type of movie do you like the best?
 Which can keep me on toes