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Ecert Evaluator

This software gives you to test/evaluate your Java skills. It has got a database of 300 and odd questions using which you can take at the max 6 certification examinations. I am aware that there are a lot of bugs in the software and kindly do not report any bug reports to me Ďcause I really do not have any time in fixing those bugs (Iíll do at length when Iíve some time).

Features: This tool can be used for conducting a varieties of examinations for eg: java, c++ etc. and there are restrictions too with this tool. There is an administrative module using which you can add questions for a particular subject, create and delete users.

How to use this tool:

In order to use this tool go through the installation instructions properly and you should be able to successfully install this tool. Let me walk through the installation process first and then the Usage later.

System Requirements: Check whether you have all the following software installed in your machine properly

  1. Windows-95, 98, NT, 2000.
  2. MS-Access ODBC Drivers Installed properly.
  3. Sun JDK 1.1 (preferably higher versions).
  4. 64 Megs of RAM.


Installation: Carefully follow these installation process.

  1. Unzip the contents of in to a permanent directory such as C:\ECert
  2. Click your windows Start->Settings->Control Panel.
  3. Click Data Sources (ODBC) icon on the control Panel. You will get an ODBC Data Source Administrator.
  4. Select User DSN Tab and Click the Add button. You will be given another dialog box with title Create A New Data Source.
  5. Select the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) option and click finish.
  6. You will be given a ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog box.
  7. In the Data Source Name: text field enter exam (Exactly the same).
  8. Description: ya.
  9. There is another option below called as Database, click the Select button and goto the directory where you have unzipped the software foreg: C:\Ecert and select a file called as exam.mdb. Click the file to highlight and click the Ok button.
  10. Once you are done click the Ok button and you should see the exam data source name listed in the list of ODBC Data Source Administrator.

That finishes your successful installation of Ecert Software. If not you might fundamentally have done something wrong which is not listed in the above steps of installation. Check once more.

Running the Software: The second step involves how to get your application up and running.

  1. Go to the directory where you have unzipped the files. Use your command prompt to type in as follows cd c:\Ecert.
  2. Type as follows start java Server.
  3. You should see a message such as Server Ready.....
  4. The at the same command prompt type appletviewer Test.html.
  5. It will give a small window with a button Take Examination.
  6. Click it and you will follow a window (It may take some time to pop up).
  7. Select the Java option and click ok.
  8. You need to enter your user id and password
  9. Initially since you do not have any userid and password create one for your self.
  10. Enter a user as admin password as moses and click Ok.
  11. Select add a user Check box and proceed to another screen where you add a username for your self and the user id and password for your java examination.
  12. Now close the window and re type appletviewer Test.html this time repeat the same process but enter userid as your new created user id and password proceed to take the examination.
  13. Time limit is 2 hrs and max questions asked is 60. Once the examination is over it will give you the percentage you scored and a chance to review your answers.
  14. A user atmost can take 6 examinations (this is a bug in the software).

Note: Any Interested parties can contact me if they want this tool to be used for commercial purposes.

Disclaimer: This software is entirely developed by me. I am not responsible for any damage the software causes to your system (Which should never happen) I am a poor developer who had put this software online so that people can be benefited in taking the examination and appear for Sun Certified Programmer Java examinations.